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Open Letter to Lenora Fulani (1993)

The following two letters, dated March 12, 1993 and October 5, 1993, respectively, were sent to Lenora Fulani and published in the National Alliance, November 25, 1993.

Dear Lenora:

By now you have probably read my letter to Fred (1/25/93). I sent that letter to about 25 other comrades. It was my statement of political rupture with Newman. I stand by it, and there will be more to come from me. Since Newman has refused to politically respond to the charges that I have made against him, then I have no other choice but to take my debate public. It is for that reason that I am writing to you at this time. I want to make clear to you that my conflict is with Newman and Newman alone. I have no interest in attacking you or painting you with the same brush. You followed the swine Newman out of your belief that he was committed to liberating our people. Your decency and steadfastness against adversity was and remains a great political and historical milestone in the struggle of all oppressed people in this stinking country. Personally, I want to thank you for the help that you gave me when I was your therapy patient-though you might believe that my time with you was too short and I was your worse [sic] patient. Nonetheless, in many respects, you cured me. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I give praise to you.

Newman’s crimes against our movement speak for themselves. I laid them out in my January letter. He must resign! I am concerned that he does not drag you into his personal cesspool. Of course, you may liken me to Dennis Serrette [NAP’s presidential candidate in 1984, Serrette left the party soon after and began attacking it; he had been Fulani’s lover]. For you, I may play the new role of the ungrateful, traitorous, Black Nationalist male-in-competition-with-Fred. It’s a convenient characterization but it is inaccurate. In respect to Newman, I am 100 Serrettes! I am the one who can drive the stake through the heart of Newman’s phony left cover once and for all. Why?-Because I am actually a communist who chose to follow him. Serrette was not. He was a poor working-class Black guy who discovered that the straightest and shortest path to sex with white women was through the Left.

First of all, I am not a poor working-class Black guy. I’m a Black guy from obnoxiously bourgey Southern roots, with a serious red chip on his shoulder. As for interracial sex, well, that’s passé, an obsession of nationalists and guilty nationalists [sic] posing as communists-also a boogey-boo [sic] for white leftists who haven’t quite worked through their personal Jungle Fevers. I fit into none of those categories. I am who I am. My political history speaks for itself. And it did not begin when I collided with Fred Newman. I was never a middle class neurotic seeking refuge from a bad marriage, the suburbs or irrelevancy. I was never a “therapy patient.” I never sought a father substitute in Newman nor a model of sexual liberation. To me, he’s just a middle-aged white guy with a lot of money and a small army of dizzy devotees blatant parasites, most of whom (male and female) he cock-teases and a few he actually attempts to copulate with. I find his “sexiness” as repulsive as I find the scam of any other pimp grotesque. And of course, unanimously, poor, working and oppressed people in this country have come to a similar conclusion. The sound of their shoes marching away from Newman is thunderous. You know this is true.

Lenora, our people need you. They don’t need or want Fred. You can still salvage much of your political integrity vis-à-vis our communities.

Newman is not Frankenstein and you are not his “creation.” You are a working-class Black woman with some sense and an educational accumulation that you paid dearly for. You are righteously angry. Newman organized you and Newman used you. I, like you, allowed myself to be used too. We believed that Newman had something to teach us about revolution. We wanted; we want revolution. And as the result of very different histories, we sat at his knee and drank his wisdom. Speaking personally, he taught me a great deal. I give all credit to him that is due. But I also have a very different set of political sensibilities and visions, but for no other reason than I am not an elderly, wealthy Jewish man. I am not tired and I am not satisfied.

You and I; like many other Black and Latino comrades, raised hell-and continue to pay the price-and Newman raised the money, which he kept to himself. Our political capital on behalf of poor and oppressed people was transformed into dollars in Newman’s offshore bank accounts. We bled, we feared for our miserable lives; we went hungry and raggedy; we had to figure out what we would do with our children so that they would grow up strong and revolutionary. We took the abuse and the gastritis, while Newman went his merry way, his pockets fat and his ego massaged.

I don’t have to tell you this, you already know. I can never forget the night at 500 Greenwich when you sat in the circle with Fred and his white concubines. It was the summer of 1989. You spilled your guts out about your anti-Semitism, you cried and lamented. Meanwhile, his white home girls-Fred’s moneymakers-fed off of you. They didn’t do shit because they resided in his crib. They were safe in the bunkhouse, fighting over who would get the next chance to “service” their sugar daddy. (Please read ICEBERG SLIM’S “PIMP: STORY OF MY LIFE.”) They were silent, except for your ex-flunky Gabrielle Kurlander [Fulani’s aide during the 1988 presidential campaign, she is currently the president of Castillo International], who raised nonsense to revolutionary strategy. She wanted Fred, and you bit into it, though “wanting” was a white girl thing that could only be bestowed on a middle-aged white dude. You bit in and rode the tiger, as Fred Newman purged the party of revolutionaries, i.e., people who would oppose his sell-out.

Millions of people loved you, Fulani. Fred Newman drove you into the dirt. You no longer have a following. You ran around the country advancing the electoral tactic without a communist strategy. Newman had a financial strategy. You made him a lot of money. You have been reduced to a liberal Roy Ennis [sic]-a talk-show monstrosity. Your power had always resided in your connection to the grassroots Black community-as a communist. Newman marketed you to the white liberal petit-bourgeoisie as a liberal who happened to be Black. You became that. Your base rejected it.

You didn’t even rate as a Jesse Jackson 1992. You were just an independent running in 1992, Of course, the people responded appropriately. They turned their backs on you. Bo Gritz, the fascist, kicked your ass in terms of votes. You have nothing to build on in 1996. NAP is a joke, because you let Newman compromise you. An independent working-class party is supposed to be in opposition to bourgeois parties (Democrats or Republicans)-that’s why people support it. But that’s not what Newman thought. He wanted the money, so any politics would do to milk the white petit-bourgeoisie. Newman is the blame, though he squeals about being connected to the “community.” The only poor people that Fred deals with are the people he speeds by in the backseat of his limo. Why should you be put in the position of explaining that to anybody? Newman doesn’t pay you enough!

Lenora, you had a base, yet Newman destroyed the Harlem Institute and later, even your political office in Harlem. He took in $5 million and told you there was no money to keep the lights on at 125th St. You are not stupid and I am not stupid either. You have been reduced to a crank. Black cranks sell, so Newman pumps you up. He has no revolutionary strategy. That’s why I oppose him now. Coalitional politics is popular front politics!

As you know, I was only attracted to Newman because he said that he was determined to combat popular frontism with working class political formations. If I had wanted to tail Black nationalists or worse, then I would have joined the CPUSA long ago-if for no other reason than the pay is much better. Newman is no revolutionary. He merely has the corrupt ego of an aging white man who wants comfort in his decline. He uses you as a prop to whip his white followers into line. They are led to believe that their barbarization at the hands of Newman is somehow connected to supporting you, the Black woman, as a category designated as the object of white liberal guilt. Newman (subjectively) despises Black people and Black women in particular, because (1) they have no money to give him and (2) they tend to see through his game, i.e., they reject him. Our people aren’t stupid-they “understand”-they are lawfully wary of honkies bearing gifts-and for good historical reasons.

In any event, Black women do not suit Newman’s sexual tastes, so you are kept on the fringes of his inner circle. You are told what you need to know to promote Newman. You are never told where the money is located, that’s reserved for white girls.

Lenora, you are being pimped. The Ross Perot scenario, where Newman was attempting to cash your declining relationship to the oppressed communities of color-a decline engineered by Newman-for a cut of Perot’s millions, is the best example of Newman’s opportunism. He sold you out! Why were you and Al Sharpton being set up to market Perot’s austerity program to poor and oppressed people? Independent politics isn’t class-neutral! Independent politics is a communist invention in the US. It has an intense class content. Communists in the US do it to disrupt the capacity of the bourgeoisie to formulate social policy, while at the same time organizing off of the inability of the bourgeoisie to deliver on the demands of the working-class. Formal bourgeois democracy is just that, bourgeois democracy, a legalistic cover for the machinations of the bourgeois state -an armed body of men, in the USA, an armed body of white men. It is, in fact, a cultural construct. You know this. What’s your problem, Lenora? Democracy isn’t revolutionary, proletarian power is revolutionary, and that can collide with every bourgeois institution, including electoral politics.

Lawfully, thousands of activists have died or been ground into the dirt simply for raising the slogan of independent politics. It is no joke here.

Let Fred Newman eat shit, the way that every other white entrepreneur gambles on the “market economy.” Newman has set you up to be his black-skinned apologist. You have fought for and won much more. Answer for yourself, never for his crap. Let him soak in his own filth. He is only concerned with the money that he can get. Don’t tie your political fortunes and gifts on Fred Newman. He’s finished.

Lenora-stop following Newman. You will be the one to go to jail and he will send you cigarettes from his condo in Barbados. You are too smart to be sucked into his Sweet Daddy Grace, Father Divine, Elijah Muhammad bullshit. Our people don’t need messiahs-nor pimps-they need communists. Newman is not a communist, he’s a white businessman. You make him rich and he makes you proud, pleased and thrilled. Wake up, Lenora Fulani! If you lay down with dogs, then you will get up with fleas.

I don’t need to tell you this. You know it. Maybe you can’t hear this from me now, but soon you will see the light. When that happens I will support you.

Don’t swallow the pride that your mother taught you. That pride was the power that lifted you out of the depths of Chester, PA. You know it too. Stop acting stupid. Or at least get paid your worth. You have not sacrificed your life and your children for the revolution-to have bowed your head to a white-skinned con-artist and his girlfriends. You will never be one of his intimates because he has no intention of giving you the right-or power-to write checks. You are his “bottom woman.”

Stop it! You are too good.

William Pleasant
March 12, 1993


Dear Lenora:

I hope your health is good. I know that you have been under a great deal of stress. Take it easy, sister. Our people need you. Don’t let a gang of idiots bum you out. They eat better than you, ride better than you and sleep better than you. That is the usual arrangement between Black and white in Amerikkka. Hang on, Lenora.

I am writing you this letter, probably my last attempt to communicate with you directly, because of your performance at the Brooklyn GAY MEN OF AFRICAN DESCENT (GMAD) event-8/26/93. To be frank, Lenora, I was shocked. You were hysterical. You ranted about a Chip Berlet/FBI/ADL plot to get you [Berlet is employed by Political Research Associates, a Democratic Party-connected think tank; the ADL is the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith]-a highly inappropriate move since the vast majority of your audience didn’t know what the hell you were talking about. Of course, you were responding to myself, M. Ortiz [a former-NAP activist] and K. Gasink [a former NAP activist romantically involved with Pleasant]. Our presence upset you. There is no conspiracy against you, sister. That is a Fred Newman invention, designed for internal consumption. On the contrary, there is an organized front dedicated to throwing Newman back to the pigs from whence he came. Three of its leading representatives sat before you in the GMAD event. You could not and cannot deal with that, so you raved about the Berlet/FBI/ADL conspiracy. You could not engage in a political confrontation with us in public. Why? Because we know too much. You cannot call us liars outside of Newman’s virtual political community, that moron’s paradise that he has built to supply himself and his girlfriends with a steady cash flow. You acted crazy in Brooklyn because the truth drives you crazy.

One reason it makes you crazy is because we are not anti-communists, Black nationalists or worse-the kind of folks that Newman is fond of pimping you off to. I think that Colin Moore [an activist attorney who was endorsed by his 1993 City Council race] is MacDaddy Newman’s latest steady “john.” We are communists and we want Newman’s treacherous hide nailed to a tree for selling us out. We mount an attack from the left-ironically and lawfully, Newman’s left. He can’t handle it and you, least of all, are in position to respond. Let’s be clear, I and a number of other[s] have publicly charged Newman with using your 1992 Presidential campaign to steal money for himself. And that is just one facet of Newman’s scam that we have exposed through very painful investigation. Chip Berlet, the FBI and the ADL gave us nothing. Berlet/FBI/ADL are pigs. Newman is a pig. Let pig eat pig!

We did the work on our own and paid for it out of our own empty pockets. Why? Because we are communists and not Fred Newman cultists. He cannot rationalize and re-rationalize our worlds for us. We don’t want Fred, we want a revolution. Unfortunately, the distinction got blurred for you. In the end, that is a function of your own personal weaknesses. It’s a Black working class thing that has to do with longing for white validation-in competition with the Black petit-bourgeoisie who take it for granted. The scene is very deep. We can talk about it, but I suggest that you reread [Frantz] Fanon [the Martiniquan psychiatrist]. Nonetheless, you must come to terms with the fact that you have been pimped to Al Sharpton, David Paterson [a New York state senator from Harlem], [Mayor David] Dinkins, Ross Perot and worse by your sweet daddy Fred. You have nothing to say to the Black masses that hasn’t been said by a hundred other sell-out Black leaders. You are willing to sell off your base for a seat at Al Sharpton’s chicken dinner-a seat that you pay for like every other sucker, Fred Newman made a fool of you. Ask that fucker if he believes that you are a legitimate Black leader. He’ll tell you yes, but he has told me otherwise. You are only relevant to him to the extent that you can rope in the scumbags like Sharpton.

They give him “legitimacy” in the Black community. Not you. His idea of legitimacy has nothing to do with Black leadership, women of color, independent politics or any other political principles. They have everything to do with what marketing strategy a bunch of middle-aged JEWS need to employ to sell their proximity to revolt to the while petit-bourgeoisie. NYPIRG, 9-to-5, Greenpeace, etc., have a similar scam at work. It’s all about the exploitation of the many for the few, in the name of revolution. You are being used. I have been used. Wake up!

Lenora, you made history! Fred and his concubines didn’t do anything other than what they needed to do to suck off of your courage and get paid. You never got paid. Did Fred Newman ever say to you that he was stressed because he didn’t have the bucks to put his daughter through college? You are stressed because he gave you the fish. A. [Fulani’s daughter, a junior at Berkeley] has been dumped. But you need to think about the shit that you have to eat to get her un-dumped. Your Chester, Pennsylvania mother taught you better. Newman is the master. You have no idea of the crap that he carried out in your name. He has run you into the dirt.

You may believe that you owe Newman something. You owe him nothing! You live in a shanty apartment-by Newman’s decree-though you could have easily moved into the Massad residence [the apartment of a NAP activist] or better. You are dependent on him for your money to live. You cannot provide a decent scene for your children. You are the chairwoman of a political party that has dwindled to a fiction. And even then, you have no control over the financial or political policy of the organization that Newman tells you that you lead.

What do you owe him? Did you demand that our cadres build you a bridal suite in your apartment? Did you ever take a vacation or a honeymoon on the party tab? Are you such a revolutionary hero that your psychotic fear of flying induces you to book passage on the QE II every time you have to leave this continent? Do you demand gas money for your limo? Do you buy the clothes for your lovers out of party funds? Newman did so and worse! You don’t owe him-he owes you for putting bucks in his pocket by playing out his political charade to its conclusion. Whatever crumbs that have fallen your way from Newman’s plate have been given to further his selfish personal ends, not to make you rich or famous, and definitely not to liberate our people.

You are living a deprivational scene because that’s the way that Newman knows that he can string you along. A starving dog is an obedient dog! He makes you beg, he keeps you on your knees. He makes you afraid to demand the things that you want and need by constantly telling you that you are (I.) unworthy and (2.) too ignorant to decide what is not only best for your personal self but best for making a revolution. He relates to you as a sort of hollow reed from which the pith of self has been blown-his “greatest production.” He has publicly described you as a sort of finger puppet. I know you bite your lip and bear his humiliations of you. I know well because he did the same to me, but in a different way.

I refrained from skewering his rotten ass from 1989 to 1993 because of a combination of fear and loyalty. I feared being on my own, literally trying to make a living while fighting for communism. I had done it before, but the scene made me politically and intellectually complacent. I had a check coming in-a sorry one, but, nonetheless, there was some degree of stability in my life. I had friends and colleagues-lovers too. It was a nice and cozy world. A bunch of white people were also proclaiming that I was a leader-of course, on cue from Newman, the director and producer of the comedy.

Let’s be frank, I didn’t want to lose that. I was afraid. I was a coward. I was also loyal to Newman as a friend, the way that southerners are loyal. It’s a regional cultural thing and maybe you don’t understand. But my tongue was stilled against Newman because I didn’t want to give anybody the break to opportunize off my differences with him to attack you, him or the political movement that we had built. I kept quiet until after the 1992 campaign. I stupidly kept quiet while Newman ground everything that we had built into the mud. Indeed, communism is dead. Newman should know best, since he literally assassinated the only communist party in this stinking country. And he killed it because it didn’t suit his aims of building a cult any longer. I realized this fact much too late.

Like you, I am an egotist of the highest caliber. Unlike you, I am an arrogant Black petit-bourgeois punk, I am also a communist-at best you are a Black nationalist. Like you, I am a Black intellectual who paid a very high emotional price for ripping-off my knowledge from a cavalcade of hostile and alien institutions. I have pride. You have pride.

I went after Newman because he took my pride away. I could no longer defend and organize for a political party that was so transparently bankrupt. I no longer felt proud enough to ask a revolutionary to join. I could not parrot Newman’s assertion that there is no Left-Center-Right when I was personally assaulted by skinhead fascists in Europe-in Europe representing Newman, by the way. I could not justify attempting to trade off our base for Ross Perot’s bucks, in the name of “independent politics” stripped of its race and class content. I don’t believe in bourgeois democracy-progressive, peoples, grassroots or otherwise. I believe in revolution, and democracy is merely a bourgeois institution-in-service-to-the-state that needs to be smashed by communists (I guess I’m still a M/L). I could not march through the streets of my community screeching that I was a “Newmanite and proud of it!”

Our people don’t need or want Newmanites or termites. Your showing in the polls in 1992 should be a good indicator of what even people who were your loyal followers thought of you aping Newman’s numbskull “new” politics-actually the same old cracker sellout. The SWP [Socialist Workers Party] creamed you in New York! The SWP is a bookstore, Lenora! What does that tell you about the value of the “strategic and tactical leadership” of MacDaddy Newman? Use your muthafuckin’ head, comrade. How do you lead an “independent coalition” when there is no social or political content to your own base beyond the lies that Newman tells you and an occasional photo-op with a Black democrat?

Black people and other oppressed sectors of this society clamor for revolutionaries! They want a party of opposition. They want NAP. But Newman has turned your project into another caucus of the DP, pandering for a place under the ruling class table. I could not be dishonest with our people. No lie to the working class is justified. No tactic stands based upon a strategic betrayal of M/L principles. Newman-consciously and deliberately-betrayed those principles, and now he will pay the piper.

-Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics-1984

Unfortunately, Lenora, you are merely Newman’s penis-extender that allows him the opportunity to diddle with the political aspirations of Black people. You are his moneymaker, the bottom woman in his stable. Though this hurts me and it will hurt you, you have to hear it: YOU ARE NEWMAN’S BLACK WHORE. Everybody knows it too, particularly in the Black community. Newman tells you that the revulsion that Black people feel towards you is a function of their anti-communism.

Black people are not anticommunists. They are the most pro-communist people to be found in this country! Read history … It’s just that Black people are smart enough to know a ‘ho when they see one. They see you darting around kissing ass at Newman’s behest. You cannot oppose the DP and support David Dinkins, for example.

Likewise, you can’t talk about popular power and chide Black gays about trashing Ed Towns [a Black Brooklyn congressman] as you did at the GMAD event. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE OPPOSITION, not the loyal intermediary between the community and the DP. You have been effectively forced into a role of providing a left cover to the corrupt, neo-colonialist wing of the DP. You occupy the same role that Gus Hall and Co. did. That’s what Newman wants, but it’s not what our people want or need. And they vote with their feet, stampeding away from your corrupt politics by the millions.

Naturally, you don’t want to know this. To admit that you have been played for a fool would shatter your mind. Obviously, you cozy virtual reality is much more valuable to you than fighting for power. You spend your time pumping Newman’s ass up as a leader of our people. But Newman isn’t a leader; he’s a rich white pimp.

That bastard can’t come within ten blocks of 125th Street and open his mouth to our people. He can’t even relate to other Jews in the streets. When has Newman ever set foot in Crown Heights? Newman is a big coward. He is even afraid of me and I have nothing but my politics to back me up. He has the stolen millions and a crew of mind-fucked therapy cultists to back him up. He also has you to front as his authentic negress. But in the end, he’s just a punk liar.

So I challenge you. If I am blowing hot air, then stand me down. Anyplace, anyhow-you’ve had three prior opportunities on WBAI [the Pacifies station in New York City] and you chickened out.

Look at yourself. Despite Lucas Rivera’s garbled article in the City Sun, I slammed the shit out of Newman. Why? Because HE used Rivera the week before to pump the lie that there is some kind of COINTELPRO conspiracy against you. Newman is racist and arrogant enough to believe that the Black community is stupid enough to fall for his shallow PR strategy.

Through you, he paints himself as a martyr, a victim of the same folks who got Malcolm and Martin Luther King. How vulgar! Newman is about as much a threat to the state as my housecat-he can shit and piss in a comer and make a racket every once in a while but, after all, he’s no more than [sic] annoying pet. Why do you think he’s been allowed to get this far? His wits? Newman is a clown.

Newman’s FBI/ADL/Berlet conspiracy theory, complete with its pro-right wing pandering to aggrieved Christian fanatics, Scientology, EST and assorted limousine gurus is merely a political hedge against the fraud, forgery and embezzlement indictments that are coming his way. He needs the trappings of a victimized saint in order too hope of gaining [sic] any public support-even the purely sentimental variety-beyond the walls of 500 Greenwich St.

Obviously, the stars indicate that the Black community has not been “moved” by Newman’s self-serving declarations of imminent political peril. They know that an attack on Newman by law enforcement is simply a case of a conman finally getting snagged n his own game. The best way to rove me wrong is for you to go to Bed-Stuy or 125th Street and try to rally “the masses” to Newman’s defense. I can say with a high degree of certainty that your pro-Fred partisans will number few beyond a handful of homeless day laborers you hire for public display and therapy patients.

I have read your 10-page response (three times longer than Rivera’s original piece!!!) to the CITY SUN article. I had expected better, but it is obvious that coherent political thought has gone to seed down on Maas Newman’s SoHo plantation. The fact that you-i.e., Phyllis Goldberg/Jackie Salit [Goldberg is a senior editor of the National Alliance]-were pushed forward to answer the charges speaks volumes to Newman’s racism.

The Rivera article was about Newman, not you! HE was being called a liar and a thief. MacDaddy conveniently enlisted you as his Black cover the way cracker politicians in my neck of the woods would find some black-skin creep to tell poor folks about all the good things that Mr. Charley had done for them. Of course, the strategy was that somehow Black folks will swallow a blatant racist lie if it comes in a black wrapper.

Do you honestly think that anyone reading your response to Rivera would not see right through you to that pig Newman? If so, then that proves that prolonged contact with Newman definitely causes brain damage! Well, Andy Cooper [the editor of the City Sun]-not exactly a whiz kid-saw through it. Newman made the further blunder of using Art Block [an attorney for the New Alliance Party] to try to intimidate Cooper into publishing “your” response. Honestly, I wished that Cooper had run that trash so that I could have the pleasure of further ripping MacDaddy to political shreds. But, alas, I’ll have to wait for another opportunity.

Comically, in the response, all that you (Goldberg/Salit) could do was blather about how you know some Democrats and they think you are legit! You know that the 1992 campaign was a charade, so why lie, except to shield Newman. Surely you don’t think that the Black and Latino communities were fooled by 1992? They wouldn’t vote for you because you gave them nothing to vote for! Get it? The specific charges in the Rivera article were true and, lawfully, MacDaddy was advised by his attorneys to keep his trap shut or face self-incrimination. It took you ten pages of bullshit to avoid addressing the central charges or mention the fact that they were being raised by specific members-predominately [sic] Black and Latino-not Chip Berlet or the ADL. Once again, Newman used you and he made a fool out of you!

I know that you and MacDaddy are fond of denouncing me as a liar. That’s okay. After all, you have to tell the tortured wretches left something in order to continue to string them along. They are the ones who have to beat the bushes for Newman’s snatch money. MacDaddy needs them. But even they sometimes wander back to consciousness and ask why are they being made miserable in order to make Newman rich. Newman hasn’t completely removed their brains, you know.

They have just enough gray matter left to remember that they too not only played a part in Fred’s scam, but often knew intimate details of it. They knew that tens of thousands of decent people were contributing to a presidential campaign that didn’t exist. They know I am not telling a lie, because they know the truth. But in the virtual political community, Newman arrogates to himself the right to declare what is reality and what isn’t. He is the TRUTH, I believe I once heard him say. And Newman has decreed that what I am saying is a lie. But as more of Newman’s corruption comes to light, it will be harder and harder to keep the inmates in the asylum under control. Not only will they want their money back, but they’ll want their revenge for the way that they have been tricked and abused. That time is close at hand, sister.

I am no psychologist, but I believe that you and a lot of other folks are in a state of denial. Sooner or later, you will have to face the music. Meanwhile, MacDaddy will have already fled with the loot and his white chicks. Lenora, don’t worry, MacDaddy isn’t going to go to jail. He has no direct legal responsibility for any of the graft. He was smart enough to let you and a bunch of other trusting fools lay down your John Hancocks on the phony financial documents. So, in the patois of the street corner society, “Baby, you got played.”

If you want to prove me a liar, then I make the same challenge to you that I made to MacDaddy and any other takers. You choose the time, place and medium. Moreover, I dare you to print this letter in the National Alliance, I dare you to call a public meeting to discuss it, even a meeting where I am not invited. I dare you to even secretly circulate this letter. Get Phyllis Goldberg to write a response to this for you! Until you do, I will consider you just as much a coward as your pimp Fred Newman. If you lay down with dogs too long, then you will get up with fleas.

Lenora, I hope you get up before it’s too late.

In Solidarity,

William Pleasant
October 5, 1993

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